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Stanton Valuation Advisors, LLC provides a wide range of business valuation and financial advisory services nationwide. We offer only Fixed Fee engagements, so you aren't surprised by any unanticipated costs. 

We provide services to match your needs. Our services come in three primary forms:


A Full Valuation report is a comprehensive review, analysis, and valuation of your business. Includes:

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Industry/Economy Analysis

  • Industry Peer Comparison

  • Valuation Consideration of All Approaches

    • Income,​

    • Market, and

    • Cost.

  • Discounts / Premiums​ Application


Deliverable: A detailed written report

Common Uses:

  • IRS required appraisals

  • Marital Divorces

  • Succession Planning

  • Merger's & Acquisitions

Fixed Fee's Start: $3,850


A Calculation of Value is a less comprehensive report and generally relies on one approach and calculates an estimate value either as a single amount or range of values.  Includes:

  • Financial Statement Review

  • Use of One Valuation Approach

Deliverable: Written or oral report

Common Uses:

  • Succession Planning

  • Management Planning

  • M&A Advisory

  • Buy-Sell Agreement Consulting

Fixed Fee Start: $2,500


If you are looking for something other than a Full Valuation or Calculation of Value we can provide our expertise on an hourly basis. Including:

  • Financial Statement Analysis and Cash Flow Normalization

  • Private & Public Transaction Analysis and Multiple Selection

  • Industry Peer Comparison

  • Additional Services you need

Deliverable: Memo, oral, or written report

Fee: $225 per hour

Types of Engagements We Can Help You with:

Gift & Estate Tax

Gift & Estate Taxes

We provide gift and estate tax valuation reports that are detailed and defensible. Our analysis includes  in-depth application of supportable discounts for lack of marketability and control when needed. We understand the importance of applying accurate and detailed financial analysis to optimize your gift and estate planning needs. Our Gift & Estate Tax valuations reports are used for the following purposes:

  • Gifting of a closely-held stock, membership, and partnership interests

  • Estate Tax & Planning For Your Business

  • Gifting of Family Limited Partnerships Interests

Mergers & Acquisitios

Mergers & Acquisitions (and Advisory)

If you are contemplating a merger, acquiring another business, or the target of an acquisition, our services can help you with your valuation needs. It's hard to know what price to pay (or sell) if you don't know the value. We can provide a detailed valuation report or advisory services for any transaction. Areas we can help include:

  • Valuation of the target company

  • Advise on purchase offers or forming a value to make an offer

  • In-depth valuation analysis and advice for owners preparing their company for sale

  • Transaction support such as due diligence, research, and analysis for pending or contemplated transactions

  • Also for Spin-Offs, Split-Ups, and recapitalization's

Shareholder Buyout

Shareholder or Management Buyout

Shareholder or management transitions can be tricky depending on a company's buy-sell agreement or balancing the needs of a retiring owner with the sale to a trusted and respected manager(s). We can provide an objective valuation for the basis of any transaction. We provide valuations and advisory services for the following:

  • Buy-Sell Agreement Valuations

  • Management buyouts transactions

  • Leveraged buyout transactions

  • General buyout due diligence, research, and analysis

Other Services

Succession Planning

Generally an owners' business is their largest personal asset. We provide valuations for succession planning, allowing owners to successfully work with their attorney and accountants to optimize the transfer of their ownership interest. We offer the following: 

  • Business valuations

  • Benchmarking analysis to better understand how your business compares to its competitors

  • General advisory services

Other Services

Business valuations and financial advisory services can provide insights to owners, investors, and managers. We provide a wide range of unique services as listed below:

  • Business recapitalizations

  • Strategic Planning

  • Valuations for sales of stock to an ESOP

  • Annual ESOP appraisals

  • Valuations for Life Insurance needs

Management Planning

Management Planning 

We understand how hard it is to run a business and that the most successful approach is bringing on trusted advisors to ensure all aspects of your business are operating efficiently. Given our expertise we can help managers of businesses with the following:

  • Advise on contemplated capital projects, or adding or discontinuing operating divisions

  • Provide benchmarking services to see how your business compares to its competitors

  • Provide research and analysis on financial levers managers can pull to increase value

  • Advise on current M&A activity in your industry

Buy Sell Agreements

Buy-Sell Agreement Consulting

Buy-sell agreements are a crucial part of a multi-owner business. The buy-sell agreement governs ownership transfers for a variety reasons. We provide business valuation and advisory services for the following:

  • Assist with preparing a buy-sell agreement

  • Valuation following the buy-sell agreement

General Advisory Services

General Advisory Services

Valuation experts can be a good resource for business owners, investors, and managers. Given our expertise related to due diligence, research, analysis, financial statement analysis, valuation, and transaction advisory we can provide valuable insights about your business or industry. Feel free to reach out any time with questions or concerns regarding your business. 

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